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"I am my favorite comedian" -Mamrie Hart


At the end of the Script Writing and Improvisation panel at VidCon 2014, panelists were asked to share their top piece of advice with aspiring content creators…

I’m reblogging this because it’s mamrie​’s birthday! And I want to say all the nice things about her. Kind, talented, hilarious, hardworking, brilliant, wonderful…the list could go on and on. Mamrie also has this magical power to make people feel great without even trying. I’m a very anxious person who is self-concious 100% of the time but spending even a very short time with Mamrie, all of my fears disappeared and I felt comfortable just being me. I’m certain she makes others feel this way in person, or through what she share’s online. She’s a really special person and I think we’re really lucky that she shares her many talents with us. Happy Birthday, Mamrie! I hope your day is grand!

Sometimes, I get weak in my knees. And when I get weak in my knees, I fall head over heels, and every other really cheesy cliche. And sometimes I get swept off of my feet, and I have this thing where my heart, it skips a beat. And so I really just have one thing to say: What is medically wrong with me?
Grace Helbig to Chester See (Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig)

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